Friday, January 5, 2007

Madam Speaker, earlier this week, as the sun set in South East Texas, on January 3, 2007, 35 highly-trained, well-disciplined, dedicated disciples of the law were sworn in as new Houston Police Officers. One of those officers was Christopher McCain.

McCain comes from a law enforcement family. His stepfather, Eddie, an HPD Officer for over 25 years, pinned the new police badge on McCain at the Police Academy Graduation. Present at the graduation were his proud mother, Janet, who has spent most of her career helping people of the Houston community, and his brother Ryne.

Madam Speaker, peace officers are the last strand of wire in the fence between good and evil. They are what separate us from the anarchy of the lawless. By wearing the badge, they swear to protect, defend, and serve the citizens.

McCain, 28 (born 1978), is a single parent of 2 small children. His youthful wife met an untimely death in 2005. When this occurred, McCain accepted the duty to raise his children alone.

Although becoming an HPD officer is the beginning of a new career, McCain has spent his life in public service. After receiving his GED, McCain volunteered and joined the U.S. Marine Corps. He served 4 years on active duty as a non- commissioned officer in Special Operations, assigned to the desert sands of the Middle East and he also served in Japan. After being discharged, he was recalled to active duty in 2003. McCain's dramatic enthusiasm for serving our Nation as a Marine was another trait of our Nation's great warriors.

Here's what President Ronald Reagan said about the Marines:

Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines dont have that problem.

Christopher McCain was one of those Marines.

When his tour of duty was over with the Marine Corps, McCain went to work for the Harris County (Houston), Texas Juvenile Probation Department. He was Master Sgt. in the Training Division of the Boot Camp. Boot Camp teaches youthful offenders discipline, hard work, and self worth. He spent five years (2001-2006) helping the troubled youth of the streets of Houston.

But all of his life, Christopher McCain wanted to be a peace officer. Now that dream has been accomplished. Christopher McCain is a Texas Lawman!

Peace officers, who wear the badge, are the best we have to offer to our towns and cities,

Serving the people-

Protecting the citizens-

Capturing outlaws and bringing them to justice-

Is what these peace officers do for the rest of us.

In Houston, we call our peace officers Houstons Finest. Officer Christopher McCain is now one of those who wear the badge and the blue uniform of Houstons Finest. He, like his fellow peace officers, is a cut above the rest of us.

And thats just the way it is.