Mr. Speaker, I ask a question tonight, whether or not the United States of America is becoming a colony. A colony is made up of people from one country owing allegiance to their home country, not the country that they're in. And a colony serves the purpose of supporting the home country and exploits the new land. And has this happened to the United States? Have people illegally entered the United States with the purpose of colonizing this country for the benefit of another nation?

   I think the question is a valid question when it comes to Mexico. We know that the previous President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, actually encouraged illegal entry of his citizens into the United States. His government provided maps and documents so that people could enter illegally into this land.

   At the border of Texas and Mexico on the Mexican side, you can find numerous markets where an individual can buy documents of identification that are sold so that people can use them when they come into the United States to pretend to be here legally.

   And when we talk about the issue of immigration and what to do with the people here in this country that are illegally here, we must ask the question, why did they choose to be here illegally as opposed to coming the legal way? The reason may be that many of the illegals don't want to become Americans. Of course this country has a great number of individuals who are legally here that want to be loyal to this country and do the proper thing according to this Nation, but there are many that are here illegally and they're here illegally on purpose. They pledge allegiance to another flag, many to the Mexican flag, not to the American flag. That is the current problem with many illegals in this Nation; they want to be colonists, not citizens.

   Part of being an American means that individuals pledge loyalty, wherever they come from, to this Nation, not some other nation. Many of them living in America want to accept the benefits of being in this country, but they don't want to accept the conditions of being an American. They want to remain colonists, not Americans. They refuse to learn the language, they refuse to assimilate, and most importantly, they refuse to be loyal to this Nation.

   And the effects of the colonization of our land means that the money that these illegals make does not stay in this Nation. Like colonies in the past, the money is returned to their home country. Many statistics report that over $22 billion a year is sent back to Mexico in the form of money sent from this Nation, from Mexican citizens in this Nation returning their money to their home country. They are feeding the Mexican economy at the expense of the American economy.

   Since many of them deal in a cash economy, they don't pay taxes the way legals do and American citizens. In fact, there is an organized system in this Nation where money is shipped back to Mexico through a complicit alliance of the banking industry in this country. And many of them do not contribute to the social programs provided for Americans and legal immigrants. They don't pay into the health care system, the education, and many of them don't pay into Social Security, but they receive those benefits at a drain to the American economy. It sounds like colonization of this Nation; they reap the benefits without the responsibility of being American. And the American taxpayer is stuck with the bill.

   We have heard that illegals do contribute to the economy, that they pay their taxes, and we've heard the other extreme that they don't pay anything. If we're to believe the Heritage Foundation, they say that for every dollar that an illegal pays into the American tax system, they get in return from benefits $3. So yet that extra $2 the American taxpayer is caught with.

   And of course this has happened before in history. If we use the example of the African continent, the African nations were raided by the Europeans in the last several centuries. They became colonies of Europe. Those colonies ended up, the minerals, the diamonds, the ivory and the gold were all taken from those nations and returned to the mother countries; sent it back to Europe so their country, the mother country, could benefit and the colonies were bankrupt. The results are known; they left many of those African nations in ruins, and many of these nations are still struggling to recover because of the colonization of their nation.

   So, the United States, Mr. Speaker, should not be a colony of Mexico. Imperialism of Mexico is not welcomed in this Nation. And this country needs to get back to some basics of securing both of our borders, the northern and southern border. We should not grant amnesty to people who don't want to be Americans, and I'm referring to those illegals that are in the United States. We should strengthen requirements to enter this country. And we should end the good deal for illegals and the bad deal for American citizens and American legal immigrants. I suggest that the colonization by third world countries of the United States must end.

   And that's just the way it is.