Madam Speaker, out on the arid, dusty high plains of west Texas, where the land was once the home of thousands of oil derricks, the landscape is now dotted with windmills--the new turbine clean energy. Texas is the wind energy capital of North America, supplying power to over 1 million homes.

   But now the environmental fear lobby wants to stop these turbines because they may pose a threat to bats and birds. They are the same radicals who have successfully prevented America from drilling for more crude oil at home, like in west Texas. These are the same batty people who have demanded we go to wind energy in the first place.

   Now they are worried about the bats and the birds that fly at night may be running into the windmills. Of course, there is no evidence to support this bat mania claim. Anyway, we all learned in third grade bats have a radar-like ability to navigate at night in caves and open terrain. The National Academy of Sciences stated: Birds have more to fear from high buildings, power lines, and cats than they do from the blades of windmills.

   We cannot allow the rich elites of the environmental fear lobby to destroy America's energy production. Otherwise, we will all end up going back living in the dark caves, with the bats.

   And that's just the way it is.