Mr. Chairman, the Affordable Care Act is a collection of failed policies and many empty promises. The American people have spoken.

They do not want ObamaCare’s highcost, job-killing, conscious-violating healthcare system. Since the enactment of ObamaCare, almost 5 million Americans have lost their insurance plans and their own doctors.

This is a far cry from the fake promises that were made on this House floor in the dark of the night when we were told: ‘‘Pass the bill so that we can figure out what is in it.’’ The American people are the ones paying for these failed promises.

In fact, it is expected that in 2017, ObamaCare premiums will grow by an average of 22 percent across America. ObamaCare is hurting individual citizens, and it is also hurting small businesses. Out of 75 issues, small-business owners ranked the cost of health insurance as the number one problem they faced in 2016.

ObamaCare is neither affordable, and it is certainly not better care. We cannot afford ObamaCare.

Health care should be a decision made by individuals in America, not by bureaucrats here in Washington, D.C. The repeal bill is the first step in finally correcting this huge legislative blunder.

Replace ObamaCare with a free-market alternative that provides affordable health care to all Americans. Let Americans choose their health care. ObamaCare has the efficiency of the post office and the compassion of the IRS, and it is time to make America healthy. Repeal this government control of our health.

And that is just the way it is.