Mr. Speaker, in the Netherlands, it's against the law now to hurt somebody's feelings. Don't dare offend anyone or the speech police will cart you off to the courthouse and try you for the violation of the insensitivity laws.

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders made a documentary movie of real terrorist acts, real radical Islamic clerics encouraging violence in the name of hate; now, Wilders is on trial for insulting Islam. He is charged with discrimination and incitement to hatred.

The Dutch Ministry of Justice has stated, ``It is irrelevant whether Wilders might prove his observations to be correct. What's relevant is his observations are illegal.''

In Amsterdam, truthful insult speech is a crime. What kind of free society says truthful speech can be illegal?

Freedom of speech is a universal human right granted by God, especially if the speech is political or religious or truthful. All who believe in the human right of free speech should be offended and insulted by the insensitive words of the Amsterdam courts.

And that's just the way it is.