Mr. Speaker, as Americans across this Nation celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, there are five children in Crosby, Texas, who mourn the loss of theirs. Tina Davila was murdered as she gave her life to protect her youngest child.

On April 17, Tina left her 4-month-old in the back seat of her car as she quickly ran into a store to pay a bill. But as Tina approached the store, she saw a car pull up beside hers, and a bandit jumped out and tried to steal her vehicle. She fought the outlaw and screamed, "My baby! My baby!" But the carjacker stabbed her, murdering her in front of her child and fled with blood on his hands. All this was caught on video surveillance.

The killer is 22-year-old Timoteo Rios, an illegal trespasser from Mexico. In addition to murdering Tina, Rios and his fellow hijacker, Kennedy Escoto, carjacked four other people. Rios had spent time in jail last year but was never deported.

Rios remains at large. He's believed to be back in the safe sanctuary country for criminals, Mexico, basking in the sun and unaccountable for this murder, while Tina Davila's children are motherless this Mother's Day.

And that's just the way it is.