Mr. Chair, Pakistan has been supporting all kinds of terrorist groups for years, including those with American blood on their hands. But instead of penalizing Pakistan, the government has been rewarding them with hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid.

Some of that money goes to support terrorists. Previously, we placed conditions on military aid to Pakistan, but these conditions are only focused on Pakistan cracking down on one terrorist group, the Haqqani Network.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is aiding and abetting a long list of terrorists in the region, including the Taliban in Afghanistan. My amendment No. 100 places a new condition on any aid to Pakistan.

The condition requires the administration to certify that Pakistan is not providing military, financial, or logistical support to any terrorists operating in Pakistan or Afghanistan. This forces Pakistan to make a long overdue choice: either go after terrorists or lose millions of dollars of American aid. 

And that is just the way it is.