Mr. Speaker, oh, how things have changed. Time was, when you borrowed money from a bank, the bank wanted to know what the money was going to be used for, and you were required to fill out a bunch of forms to receive the money.

Now the big banks have shown up, wanting $350 billion from the taxpayer. They wont tell us what they will use the money for, and they havent filled out any paperwork to justify receiving more taxpayer money. You see, they dont want the same standards they require on borrowers to be applied to them when they want money.

It use to be the bad guys robbed the banks. Now it appears that the banks are the bad guys by putting a financial gun to the people, saying Give us the loot or youre all going to die economically.

Its like bank robbery in reverse. It seems like the big banking boys gang is robbing the people. We call all of this nonsense a bailout, but bailouts have not helped stimulate the economy. Why dont we just say, No? No more money to special interest groups. No more taxpayer money will be spent without accountability. No more spending money we dont have. We cannot spend, borrow and tax our way out of this economic calamity.

And thats just the way it is.