Mr. Speaker, Peace Officers Miguel Moreno and Julio Cavazos of the San Antonio Police Department were responding to a routine call when they were approached by two individuals. Suddenly, one dastardly criminal pulled out a firearm and began shooting at both officers.

As the shots rang out, both officers were hit. 32-year-old Officer Moreno took a bullet to the chest, collapsing to the ground.

Officer Cavazos ran to his fellow officer, Moreno, pulling him out of the line of fire despite being shot himself. He fired back at the outlaw, hitting the mark; and, in my opinion, justice was then served.

Despite Cavazos' quick actions, 32-year-old Officer Moreno succumbed to his injuries. Another life needlessly stolen from the thin blue line 

Miguel Moreno was a 9-year veteran of the force. He woke up each morning ready to serve and protect his community.

His life was stolen by an evil villain with no socially redeeming value. Moreno stood for everything that is good in America.

As we mourn his loss, we should thank the good Lord that such people as he ever lived. He was part of the rare breed, the American breed.

Our peace officers are the best we have. America needs to stand with peace officers.

We should stand with the thin blue line--the line that separates the lawful from the lawless. God bless Officer Moreno and his family.

And that is just the way it is.