Mr. Speaker, we call this body the people's House. In the last 24 hours, I have received numerous correspondence from people in Texas about illegal entry into America. Tonight, we will listen to some of those people.

Aaron in Houston writes: ``I hope you intend to make certain that being illegal continues to mean breaking the law. I cannot understand why any elected official would want to reward any criminal with all the perks that go along with living in the greatest country in history. It makes no sense whatsoever.''

Mac in Kingwood, Texas, writes: ``Illegal immigration must be stopped and controlled immediately. We must control who and how many people come into this country. This is not a race issue, it is a national sovereignty issue. Illegal immigration reform must not include amnesty. This is rewarding those who willfully break our laws. Immigration must be reserved for those who come here legally and respect our laws. Giving illegals amnesty just encourages more illegal immigration. Why bother to immigrate here legally when you can be rewarded for doing it illegally? Drug smuggler, human trafficking, murder, identity theft, the forging of documents, driving without insurance and licenses, and potential terrorism are all the result of weak border control and terrible immigration policies. Law-abiding Americans are not going to stand by any longer while illegal immigrants thumb their noses at our laws and while the U.S. Government refuses to enforce the law.''

Donald in Humble, Texas, says: ``I find it oxymoronic to have a Department of Homeland Security and have not closed and controlled our borders. Without the security of our borders, there is no homeland security.''

Donald in Kingwood writes: ``I am writing you today to express my outrage over what I have been seeing on the news since this last weekend. I once raised my right hand and swore an oath to protect our country and constitution from foreign invaders. What I have witnessed recently has been citizens of a foreign country marching in the streets of our country waving foreign flags, carrying signs in a foreign language. The arrogance and total disregard for the sovereignty of America is infuriating. These illegal actions are being perpetrated by those who want no part of becoming an American. They simply want to come here and make money, take advantage of our social systems, and send most of that money they earn back to their `home' country. I don't buy for a minute the administration's argument that they take jobs that Americans are unwilling to do. What has happened is they have taken all the jobs that were primarily taken by young people right out of high school. This is just one of the numerous negative effects this unchecked invasion is having an our society. All one has to do is turn on the 10 o'clock news in Houston to see the effects it has on crime in our area.''

Erik in Kingwood writes: ``Please continue to press for immigration reform. As a physician, I see and treat many Mexicans without citizenship. It is rare to receive any reimbursement of any kind. Please continue to consider the rights of Americans first.''

Charles in Humble writes: ``After yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee action, I fear that some compromised watered-down immigration legislation will eventually be passed in order to placate interest groups, businesses and illegal immigrants.''

Mary in Baytown e-mails: ``Don't allow lawbreaking. Illegal means illegal. There are no distinctions in this word. You don't gain citizenship when you enter illegally. The Congress should be ashamed of even considering this idea. Okay? And no benefits. We don't even give all our hard-working people their entitled benefits, why should we give them to illegals? This is just a crime.''

Louis from Houston says, ``The key intellectual point is there are no jobs that Americans will not do if the free market is allowed to bid up on the wages. More illegals equal lower wages. That is the whole point for those who support illegal immigration.''

John also puts it well: ``In other words, the Senate thinks as follows: In order to halt illegal immigration, we must legalize it. And in order to enforce the law, we must reward those who have broken it.''

Janet in Houston says: ``America's legal system is clear: Abide by the laws or suffer the consequences. Why is it necessary to create new legislation to outlaw an already illegal act? In my opinion, enforcement of existing laws is the best use of our legislators' time and money.''

And, finally, David in Kingwood, Texas, writes: ``Please help our State and country. Uphold the law. You have done that all your professional life. Please don't make changes to allow the illegals to stay. They need to go through the process just like my grandfather and his parents did. Please stop this madness.''

Mr. Speaker, this Congress must stop the unlawful invasion into our country. The American people have spoken and will continue to speak out on this issue. And Mr. Speaker, that's just the way it is.