Mr. Speaker, down on the Rio Grande where the sage brush and mesquite trees line the lawless border of the riverbank is the home of generations of Texas ranchers. Their homes, feet from the porous border, they wake up to human smugglers, drug runners and thieves that have trespassed on their soil.

On the border I met crusty rancher, C.E. Cunningham of Quemado, Texas. He has lived on the land for seven decades, and he now writes me about the southern border invasion into America: ``We have had our livestock, wildlife killed, vehicles, tools, equipment stolen. I had to move my mother out of her own home when three illegals stole and robbed her. I have taken weapons away from thieves. I have seen the Mexican Army camped out on the riverbank, and I have seen their tracks on our side. I have tried to get the Mexican Government to help with the thieves, but they told me it was best they stole over here instead of Mexico. It seems to me the Mexican government sanctions these crimes against us.''

Mr. Speaker, Americans like C.E. Cunningham want their lives back, their land back, and their security back. We have to stop letting the Mexican Army and Generalissimo Fox invade the United States by encouraging illegal entry into our country.

And that's just the way it is.