Mr. Speaker, five police officers in the United States this week have been gunned down: one in North Dakota, one in Georgia, one in Colorado, and two in Maryland. I am going to talk about the two in Maryland

On February 10, on a bitter winter day, two sheriff’s deputies were called to a disturbance at a shopping center in Abingdon, Maryland. As the deputies were attempting to speak with a disruptive individual, he held a gun to 52- year-old Deputy Patrick Dailey’s head and fired, killing him.

Deputy Mark Logsdon pursued the assassin, but Logsdon was also killed by the criminal’s gunfire during this chase. Later, the outlaw was shot and killed. Dailey was a life member of the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company and spent 30 years defending the public as a sheriff’s deputy. He was a hero to his two now fatherless children.

Forty-three-year-old Deputy Mark Logsdon was a 16-year veteran of the force, leaving behind three children and a wife. Both men had been honored for valor during their careers of protecting and serving the community. Patrick and Mark’s lives were coldly and maliciously stolen, ripped away from this world and their families.

These men behind the badge are a special breed, a rare breed. They work selflessly, maintaining and restoring order in our neighborhoods. They are the best of our Nation. They protect us from evil, cold, calculated criminals who wish to do harm to the rest of us. Mr. Speaker, we mourn the passing of these two lawmen who are cut above the rest of us.

 And that is just the way it is.