WASHINGTON, September 12 -


Madame Speaker, yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the attack on America from 9/11 in 2001 where Americans were killed, and it was an act of terrorism. Yesterday Americans were attacked again in two attacks, in Egypt and in Libya, apparently terrorists attacking us again on 9/11.

The Embassy in Egypt was stormed, the American flag was brought down, and a black flag was raised by those that stormed the compound. In Libya, the consulate was attacked, set afire, and our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was murdered and apparently, according to the BBC, his body was carried through the streets of Benghazi.

Both of these places are U.S. sovereign soil, the consulate and the Embassy. The groups or individuals that committed these acts must be found. There’s no evidence yet that there was an act by either one of these two governments but by individuals or even by groups.

In Libya, al Qaeda cousins, as I call them, the Ansar al-Sharia, claims responsibility for the murder of our U.S. Ambassador. It’s no coincidence that these two attacks occurred nearly at the same time, and they both occurred on the anniversary of September 11.

Immediately, the attackers blamed a movie that was produced as the reason, an excuse and justification for murdering. It’s never the fault of a movie; it’s never the fault of the United States; it’s never the fault of western culture that people are murdered in the name of religion. It’s the responsibility and it’s the fault of individuals. The people that need to be held accountable are the ones who committed these specific acts of terror against the United States.

In the past, the United States has always held and went after those that were responsible for this type of conduct. In 1998, when the Kenyan Embassy was attacked and Americans were killed, we responded. Of course we responded in 9/11. We responded after the first World Trade Center bombing. In 1996, when 19 American soldiers were murdered in Saudi Arabia, we responded. In fact, President Bill Clinton said this:

“The cowards who committed this murderous act must not go unpunished. We will not rest in our efforts to find who is responsible for this outrage, to pursue them and to punish them. “

After 9/11, President Bush made this comment:

“The search is under way for those who are behind these evil acts. I’ve directed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and bring them to justice.”

Madam Speaker, the United States must always respond to terrorists, and we must let them be reminded again and again we will respond in an appropriate manner as we did on 9/11. We must respond today, and we must respond tomorrow. I am encouraged that the President will soon address the Nation on what our response will be.

We must hold those responsible personally accountable because we must let people understand that they need to leave us alone. That is what the message needs to be. We must have justice in these terrorist attacks by these individuals against Americans because, Madame Speaker, justice is what we do in America.

And that’s just the way it is.