Mr. Speaker, the decision to let a United Arab Emirates-owned company take over operations at U.S. ports is dangerous and defies common sense. This is a matter of domestic security. The UAE, although our alleged friends now, recognized the Taliban, laundered money to 9/11 terrorists, and continues to participate in the Arab boycott against Israel.

These same foreign entities would have access to U.S. manifests showing what cargo is being shipped and where and when it is going. This decision affects military terminals in my district, like the port of Beaumont, where one-third of all military cargo deployed to and from Iraq comes through this port. Even the Coast Guard seems to be uneasy about this decision. There is an inherent problem and a national security risk in having state-owned foreign companies buying interest in American ports. This decision is unwise. We are putting a fox in our own hen house, and this decision ought not to be.

Mr. Speaker, allowing a foreign-owned business to infiltrate our ports is just a risky business. And that's just the way it is.