Mr. Speaker, while the flow of illegals continues to storm across our southern border, much to the joy of those who want cheap plantation labor, Mexico now wants to keep some of its workers home. President Calderon wants the United States to invest in Mexico and use Mexican workers.

Well, what does that really mean? Does that mean more U.S. foreign aid? Or have U.S. companies expand to Mexico and use those Mexican workers? Either way, Calderon expects the United States to solve his problem. Mexico alone cannot or will not take care of its economic problems, thus making their problem our problem.

Currently, Mexico exports its people to the United States to work and then have them send money back to Mexico. Mr. Speaker, if the United States invests in Mexico and more Mexican workers stay home, is there going to be a cross-border conflict over who gets the worker?

It would be ironic indeed to see the pro-amnesty cheap labor crowd in the United States encouraging illegal entry while the Mexican Government tells workers to stay home and take new jobs provided by U.S. investment.

And that's just the way it is.