Mr. Speaker, the ``Grand Bargain'' is what people are calling the new inclusive, comprehensive give-America-away immigration bill. Since it got nowhere in the Senate last week, Senators have returned to the back room and behind closed doors to come up with a ``Greater Grand Bargain'' than before. In other words, throw in something for the left, more family reunification for illegals, and something for the right, more border security promises, and this all done in an effort to get a deal, any deal, passed quickly. Of course, the underlying principle of this deal is if you are here illegally, you're going to get to stay.

   Now, smart people on the left and the right say this is not amnesty. Of course they say it's not amnesty because these smart people know Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to amnesty. So they call it a reform.

   Mr. Speaker, if 12 to 20 million people are on our land illegally, and shall I speak politically incorrect and call it trespassing, and if they pay some kickback fees to Uncle Sam but get to stay on our land, it's still amnesty.

   So let's be honest. The new ``Greater Grand Bargain'' is a bargain for illegals, but a costly, bad deal for Americans.

   And that's just the way it is.