Mr. Speaker, Julie Nauman had dedicated her life to improving the lives of victims. Julie has been a tireless advocate for those who are less fortunate. Her work on the Executive Office of the California Crime Compensation Board has led vital victim compensation in California. Julie has strived to help crime victims sort through complicated legal matters and help them cope with the financial aftermath of the crimes in which they were involved. Julie has also been committed to conducting multi-lingual victim outreach and public awareness efforts to reach crime survivors in California.

After the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October of 2017, it was no surprise, Julie was right ready to help. With her assistance, along with the CCCB, they were able to reach across state lines to provide information, assistance and guidance regarding victim compensation to hundreds of survivors who call California home. 

When there was a mass shooting in April of 2017 in Fresno County, Julie personally helped to provide compensation funding for funerals for the murdered victims. She also aided the Fresno Police Department providing resources to better fund future victim assistance services for Fresno County. 

As a past member of the Board of Directors and a current member of the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Board, Julie has vocalized the need to ensure violent crime victims are aware of the financial support and services available to them.

Julie’s persistent support of crime victims is unparalleled. Julie is a superb leader and a truly compassionate person, who is committed to improving the lives of crime victims everywhere. 

Each year the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus honors outstanding individuals and organizations for their tireless efforts supporting and empowering survivors of crime. Cochaired and co-founded by JIM COSTA (D–CA) and myself, the bipartisan caucus advocates for crime victims and protects programs that provide critical support for related services.

I am proud to announce Julie Nauman as the recipient of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus the Suzanne McDaniel Memorial Award for Public Awareness. The Public Awareness Award is in memory of Susanne McDaniel, one of the first prosecutor-based victim advocates in Texas and the nation. There is no doubt, Julie has used her voice to promote and to bring about change at the National level for crime victims.

And that’s just the way it is.