Mr. Speaker, the most toxic atmosphere today is the political climate. At the EPA, scientists are not allowed to disagree with the rabid dogma about climate change.

Recently, Alan Carlin, a 35-year veteran scientist at the EPA, issued a report that challenged the theory of global warming. Carlin pointed out serious problems with the science used to draw false EPA conclusions. He revealed new research that contradicts dire predictions that mankind is destroying the world. He pointed to evidence that the Earth is actually cooling. The EPA suppressed the report.

Carlin's boss warned him that he had better not talk about the report or disagree with the EPA's green agenda.

The suppression of speech and information undermines the very foundation of self-governance. Yet there is a systematic suppression of information that contradicts what has become a green religion at the EPA.

Thousands of scientists have challenged the claims of global warming. Science is supposed to be about the uncorrupted search for the truth and the facts. The EPA's actions are reminiscent of those who said the Earth was flat and persecuted the ``heretics'' who said it was round.

And that's just the way it is.