WASHINGTON, September 27 -


Mr. Speaker, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, saith the President. But his legacy landmark law discriminates.

The President has arbitrarily granted extensions to Big Business, to some small businesses, and some State exchanges, but ordinary Americans--no extensions for them. I guess special interest groups just have more clout with the President than normal people do. Too bad. Everyone should be treated alike. Postpone ObamaCare for everybody for 1 year. Don't discriminate.

The second place the President's wonder law discriminates is who is subject to this law of the land. The President touts his law as good for America. But why has he granted over 1,200 waivers for special groups--waivers to labor unions, for example? That's not fair--waivers for some, but not for others.

So delay ObamaCare for at least a year for all Americans and either grant waivers for all Americans or put those 1,200 groups back into this bill. It's unconstitutional for the constitutional law professor to wave his wand of exemptions and delay for some but not for others. That's just not fair.

And that's just the way it is.