Poe Applauds Passage of the Safe American Roads Act of 2007

Congressman Poe Cosponsors Bill Enacting Strict Regulations on Mexican Trucks Operating within the US

WASHINGTON, DC Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) announces the House of Representatives passed the Safe American Roads Act of 2007 this week, 411-3. This legislation came in response to overwhelming concern by lawmakers and the American public after the announcement by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to implement a pilot program allowing Mexican motor carriers to operate on highways throughout the country.

The Safe American Roads Act ensures that all safety requirements are met before the DOT moves forward in allowing Mexican trucking companies access to US highways. Currently, Mexican trucks are not allowed past commercial zones, 30 miles into the interior.

This legislation is a good start in keeping Americans safe on our highways and byways, said Poe. As a cosponsor of this bill I have raised many concerns over allowing unlimited access to our highways to foreign truck drivers without properly inspecting the driver and the vehicle. The amendments included in the Safe American Roads Act ensure that the Department of Transportation requires that all trucks and their drivers meet every safety requirement and regulation without exception.

The Safe American Roads Act includes the following provisions:

--Limits the DOT from granting authority to Mexican motor carriers to operate beyond commercial zones along the border;

--Provides guidelines DOT must follow before the implementation of a pilot program, which can only be certified by the DOT Inspector General;

--Requires that a detailed description of the pilot program be published in the Federal Register, including the enactment and enforcement of English proficiency standards;

--Requires the DOT Inspector General monitor and review the pilot program and provide a full report to Congress.

--The legislation has gained House approval and now awaits consideration in the US Senate.

Congressman Poe serves on the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.