Mr. Speaker, I want to talk about three stolen children and three fathers.

Adam Walsh, a 6-year-old in Hollywood, Florida, disappeared on July 27, 1981, from a shopping store. His mother told him to play video games while she paid for a lamp. When she turned around, he had disappeared from the store. Apparently, the management had told him to leave.

On August 10, 1981, Adam's decapitated head was found in the water at Vero Beach, Florida. The rest of his remains have never been found.

Otis Toole, a serial killer, confessed to killing Adam in 1983. Police were not sure he was the killer, although he confessed again, but later recanted. Toole died in 1996 on death row for other crimes, and Adam's murder technically remains unsolved.

His father, John Walsh, partner in a hotel management company, lived the ``All-American Dream'' with his family in Hollywood, Florida, but the effect of his son's death, Adam, was devastating. He lost everything, not only his business, his home, but his pride, Adam Walsh.

He began campaigning for missing and exploited children, and his drive created the Missing Children Assistance Act of 1984, which established the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Also, John and his wife established the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, and he has been host on ``America's Most Wanted'' since 1988. This TV program helps capture the worst criminals in America. He still is married and he has three children now, and he works daily to protect our children.

Polly Klaas was abducted from her bedroom in the middle of the night on October 1, 1993, by Richard Allen Davis in California. He later strangled her and sexually assaulted her, and in December of that year, Davis led police to her body, and they discovered that she had been buried alive. Davis, a previously convicted felon, was sentenced to death in September 1996. He is on death row now in California waiting to be executed, as he needs to be.

Marc Klaas, her father, worked in a Hertz car rental center in San Francisco prior to her death. Memories of his daughter Polly were sitting on the couch, watching her favorite show ``The Simpsons.'' She had a love for performing. She also loved to play her clarinet and would have loved to have been an actress.

But the effect of her death, Mr. Speaker, in the words of her father, Marc, he said, ``I wanted to be dead for 10 years. No one has affected my life so positively and nothing has affected my life so negatively.''

After her abduction and murder, Marc gave up his business and dedicated his life to protecting our children. He is the founder of the Klaaskids Foundation, a nonprofit organization; and in 1994, he was instrumental in establishing the ``three strikes, you're out'' law in California. A third felony conviction means those criminals go to prison for 25 years to life.

Mr. Speaker, number three, Jessica Lunsford, 9-year-old girl in Florida. She was abducted also from her bedroom on February 23, 2005, by a repeat sex offender, John Couey. This occurred in Homosassa, Florida. He repeatedly sexually assaulted her, and then he buried her alive in his backyard.

It is interesting to note that ``America's Most Wanted'' helped capture this individual.

On March 18, 2005, Couey confessed to raping and killing Jessica and told police where she was buried. He is waiting trial; and, hopefully, the folks in Florida will administer their corrective punishment, the death penalty, in his case.

Mark Lunsford, her father, normal guy. In fact, he moved to Florida to protect his children. He was in the Army after high school and he loved his kids. He just worked as a heavy equipment operator at a recycling center. He says about his daughter that she loved to work with him and operate this heavy equipment. They took care of each other because that is what families do.

The effect of her death has helped him to also work for children. He is helping get Jessica's Law passed in 18 States, which increases the minimum penalty for sex offenders to 25 years for first offenders.

Mr. Speaker, these three fathers from three different backgrounds had a child stolen from them by a child predator. As a father of four and a grandfather of five, there would be nothing worse than to have a child murdered.

I know all three of these fathers. In fact, two of them are in Washington today. They are still fighting for kids, and they are here today because the President signed the Adam Walsh Child Safety Act to toughen up registration of child predators.

Twenty-five years ago today, Adam Walsh was kidnapped.

Mr. Speaker, children are our greatest resource, and every time a child is born, God is making a bet on the future of our culture. We are not judged by the way we treat the rich, the famous, the powerful, the influential. We as a society are judged by the way we treat the weak, the innocent, the children.

The voices of these three children, the roll call of the dead, Jessica, Polly and Adam, call from the graves for justice. America must be the land that concerns itself with the protection of its children, and we must win this war against those child terrorists who steal the lives of our children.

And that's just the way it is.