Mr. Speaker, working Americans continue to voice concern about the unlawful entry into the United States. Michael Estep, Sr., from Spring, Texas writes to me:

``I am writing to express my most sincere concern for our Nation and the State with regard to the current immigration issues. Having served in both public law enforcement and the private sector for the past 30 years, in all these years I have not seen one good side of illegal immigration, just varying degrees of bad. The strain on local and State medical services, higher insurance costs due to uninsured and unlicensed motorists, the criminal justice system where 29 percent of the American prison population are illegal aliens, are all paid by the citizens.

``What is happening to the land the greatest generation fought to protect? Is the uncontrolled assimilation into the melting pot of America destroying the values and resources which made us strong? Is this unchecked invasion crippling our ability to tell the difference between right and wrong, leading us to choose the politically correct solution rather than the right answer?

``I ask your support of immigration reform in the strongest terms. Too many citizens and illegals alike choose which laws are to be obeyed while seeking protection from the law through protests and civil disobedience.''

That's just the way it is.