Mr. Speaker, not only are taxpayers bailing out Wall Street, but the robber barons are repaying the American people by giving away jobs to foreign workers.

That's right. Forget stimulating the economy by offering jobs to the taxpayers. It is reported by the Associated Press that the banks that received the largest amount of bailout money, more than $150 billion, requested over 20,000 visas for foreign workers over the last few years.

As economic times have gotten worse, they requested even more visas. Last year, the same bleak economic period in which the ``Big Banking Boys Gang'' begged for a government handout, their foreign visa requests increased more than a third over the previous year.

And just to be clear, these jobs were not for the so-called jobs Americans won't do. Quite the opposite. They were for corporate lawyers, senior vice presidents, and analysts. The average annual salary for these American jobs given to foreigners was over $90,000.

Mr. Speaker, the American taxpayers are being played as fools. First, The Wall Street fat cats took the people's money, and now they're taking their jobs.

And that's just the way it is.