Madam Speaker, a lot of hype has occurred about the first hundred days of the new government. The question to be asked is, is America safer today than a hundred days ago?

Well, the government has determined to close Guantanamo Bay prison in spite of evidence these terrorists still want to harm us; the United States is considering canceling the development of the most advanced fighter in world history, the F-22; foreign computer hackers have gotten into the Defense Department system; North Korea launched its first ballistic missile while we did nothing but object; the United States now wants to scrap its missile defense system in Poland because the Russians are complaining, even though the system was designed to protect us from Iranian missiles, not the Russians.

The little fellow from Iran, Ahmadinejad, still boasts of nuclear destruction of Israel while mocking our President behind his back; Homeland Security leaked vital intelligence about national security; the defense budget is going to be cut so the new government can spend money on its own pet projects.

Hopefully, the new government will change this dangerous trend and remember the first duty of government is to protect the American people.

And that's just the way it is.