Mr. Speaker, the people in Mexico are expected to remain silent to the corruption and despicable acts among the rich and powerful. Sort of the philosophy: Sin ain't sin as long asrich folk do it.

Lydia Cacho refused to remain silent, and for that she fears for her life, has been arrested, verbally abused, imprisoned, and sued.

Lydia Cacho, founder and director of a shelter for sexual assault victims in Cancun, wrote a book, "The Demons of Eden." In it, she exposed and named the rich and powerful who lured poor young girls to millionaire Cancun businessman Jean Succar Kuri's home so he and his friends could have sex with them.

Powerful politicians and businessmen had Cacho jailed for her work. Without explanation, state police whisked her away in the darkness of the night to a prison 900 miles away. So much for freedom of the press in Mexico.

Lydia Cacho is one of several journalists that have been persecuted for articles about corruption in high places in Mexico. Lydia Cacho became a political prisoner of the rich, famous, and powerful of Mexico. Accusations against her should be dismissed, and the child sex offenders should go to jail.

And that's just the way it is.