Madam Speaker, I bring you an update from the City by the Bay. San Francisco recently spent $50 million proudly advertising that it was a sanctuary city. I now give you the results of this very successful PR campaign, because it has worked.

   This week's example is illegal Edwin Ramos. He loves San Francisco because even though he has been arrested twice for felonies, the compassionate folks of San Francisco never wanted him deported back to El Salvador. So he stuck around, got arrested for a gun charge this spring, and still wasn't sent home.

   So last week he got a bit of road rage and gunned down Anthony Bologna and his two sons, Matthew and Michael, while they were returning from a family picnic. Mrs. Bologna blames the city for the murders because it ``caters to illegals''. I hope the mayor of San Francisco is proud of his sanctuary policy for illegals because it's cost three lives.

   Mrs. Bologna should have a wrongful death cause of action against the City of San Francisco, especially the mayor, for its sanctuary policy. And Congress should prohibit all Federal funds from going to cities like San Francisco that proudly ignore American immigration laws and welcome foreign outlaws like Ramos.

   And that's just the way it is.