Mr. Speaker, the State of Texas is caught in the crosshairs of a green movement hostile and detrimental to our energy industries. Texas produces 1 million barrels of oil every day, or 20 percent of the U.S. production. We're also home to refineries that produce one-quarter of the country's gasoline and also produce oil byproducts for plastics.

The new cap-and-trade tax will destroy thousands of Texas jobs, and the Congressional Budget Office says that the tax on energy won't even help the climate. No matter, the taxacrats in Washington want to punish red energy State voters by nailing them with the new disastrous tax on energy consumption.

In the name of saving planet Earth, the government barons are trying to push us to so-called "green" energy sources that don't even exist yet. Green energy that will support this country's needs is at least 10 years away.

The immediate solution right in front of us is expanding our own oil and gas production while we develop these new technologies. That will create jobs, keep money in America, and make us less dependent on foreign oil. But that logic is lost in the hazy political climate of Washington.

And that's just the way it is.