Madam Speaker, the lessons learned through the advice of a mentor or coach are often invaluable. For those involved in athletics, a coach's guidance reaches far beyond game time. The leadership of a coach not only improves an athlete's performance but works to instill values of hard work and discipline. Texas native Kevin Mazeika continues this tradition as an internationally recognized gymnastics coach. I would like to honor Kevin for representing the state of Texas and our country, with honor and dignity during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China as the head coach of the USA men's Olympic Gymnastic Team. 
    Since 1988 Kevin Mazeika has been on the USA National Gymnastics coaching staff. His own personal coach and mentor Bill Meade inspired him to also pursue coaching. Following his own stint as a Saluki gymnast at Southern Illinois University, Kevin's personal understanding of the sport is unique. 
   Representing the U.S. in over 40 international competitions, he is America's most successful Olympic and World Championship coach. His twenty-four year coaching career has resulted in his being awarded numerous awards from his noteworthy positions. He has achieved his great success through much hard work, determination and perseverance. He has established himself as an outstanding coach and community leader. Athlete, leader, father-figure, competitor, a credit to his community, to Texas, and to our nation; Kevin Mazeika has earned his place among the elite of his profession. 
      At this year's 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, China, Coach Mazeika led the USA team to a bronze medal in gymnastics. His stalwart victory follows his previous coaching success at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens where the team received a silver medal. His friends, family and team mates should all be proud of his accomplishments, as we look forward to his coaching future. 
   Currently, he owns and operates Mazeika's Elite Gymnastics where aspiring gymnasts continue to benefit from his guidance. For his exemplary contributions to the sport of gymnastics and the athletes he coaches, I commend Kevin Mazeika. I applaud his remarkable career as he continues to represent our nation on the international stage. 
   And that's just the way it is.