Mr. Speaker, ``Let them eat cake'' is what Marie Antoinette said to the starving French people, showing her ignorance of the world around her. Today it can be used to describe France's position on handling terror threats.

France's current Prime Minister said last week: ``Against terrorism, what we need is not a war. It is, as France has done for many years, a determined fight based on vigilance at all times and effective cooperation with our partners.'' In other words, more talk, no action.

What France fails to consider is we tried that. Madrid's trains have been attacked. London's buses and subways have blown up. American embassies were bombed. The USS Cole was attacked, and, of course, there was September 11.

This war started years ago. The terrorists struck first across the globe. They declared war on us. They don't want to talk. It is now our duty to win this war, not wave France's new national white flag of surrender. What France and free people need is the spirit of Lafayette in this war on terror, not the current ignorance of Marie Antoinette, who was talking all the way to the guillotine and lost her head because she failed to see the real world around her.

And that's just the way it is.