WASHINGTON, September 12 ñ


Mr. Speaker, Texans have shared with me their stories about the businesses that they have built without the help of the Federal Government.

Kelly from Crosby, Texas, wrote me this:

ìCongressman, you are correct that small business owners carry the full load of government taxes. On average, our small $3 million-a-year business pays 35 percent in Federal taxes, pays Social Security of 7.45 percent, Federal unemployment tax, State franchise tax, school district and real estate property taxes, and I am taxed on the computer used to send this email to you. And the President says I didnít build it? I beg to differ. During the first 3 years, my workweek was 80 hours a week. If the Federal Governmentís debt of $16 trillion is not brought under control, it will not matter how hard I work, because the dollarís value will be worthless.

Federal Government, fix your spending problem, and put your house in order because small business is watching and thinking, ëIf I ran my business like you run yours, the bank would foreclose.íî

Mr. Speaker, Kelly is correct. Big Government hasnít built America. American small business owners have built it ñ on their own.

And thatís just the way it is.