Mr. Speaker, Qian Wu was held up at knifepoint and brutally assaulted. Her attacker, a Chinese citizen who was illegally in America, was captured and sent off to prison for the assault.

He should have been deported as soon as he finished his sentence, but China would not take back the outlaw.

So, under American law, the attacker could not be held indefinitely in our prison and was turned loose on American streets. As soon as he was released from prison, he tracked down Qian Wu and murdered her.

Mr. Speaker, the law requires that a person who illegally enters the United States and is ordered deported must be repatriated to their native country. The lack of cooperation from countries that refuse or delay repatriation allows criminals like Qian Wu’s killer to remain in America and commit more crimes.

My bill, the Timely Repatriation Act of 2017, restricts diplomatic visas to countries that deny the repatriation of criminal aliens deported from the United States. Countries like China must take back their lawfully deported criminal citizens or pay the price of losing diplomatic visas.

And that is just the way it is.