Mr. Speaker, on Memorial Day, while Americans were celebrating the holiday, Deputy Gerald Barnes of the Harris County Sheriff's Department in Houston was celebrating just being alive.

   Responding to a call from a nightclub, the 15-year veteran from the Sheriff's Department came upon two men arguing. Oscar Perez had pulled a gun on Miguel Soto and began randomly firing his pistol.

   When Deputy Barnes arrived, he told Perez to drop the gun. Perez refused and shot at Deputy Barnes numerous times. One bullet struck him in the chest above his bulletproof vest. Then after kidnapping Soto, whom Perez later shot, Perez sped off into the night. He was later captured. Oscar Perez had been illegally in the United States for years.

   According to reports, the last three police officers shot in Harris County, Texas, were all shot by people illegally in the United States.

   Deputy Barnes will recover, but Perez shouldn't have been in this country. The Federal Government's refusal to secure the border is allowing criminals like Perez to invade this country and commit crimes. Instead of promoting amnesty, the government should protect the border.

   And that's just the way it is.