Madam Speaker, slightly before midnight last night, the House of Representatives had a replay of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich.

Here's what I recall happened: A vote was being conducted on a Republican motion to recommit that would allow no Federal aid, such as food stamps, to be given to illegals in this country. This was hotly debated and then the votes started being recorded. The vote was close--most Republicans and a few Democrats supported the motion denying taxpayer dollars to illegals. Most Democrats opposed the motion. With the vote tied at 214-214, the Speaker called the vote and denied the motion. (A tie means the motion failed.) But the official electronic board on the House Floor that records the votes read 215-213--FINAL VOTE--meaning the motion passed--no benefits for illegals. But, the official vote was disallowed more time put on the clock and the Speaker announced the real final vote to be 212-216, after some Members changed their vote after the Final Tally.

In my opinion, this illegal action gave some illegals Federal benefits that only Americans and legals should receive.

In 1972, Team USA was playing the Soviets for the Gold Medal in Olympic Basketball. When the buzzer sounded, Team USA had won the game 50-49. But the timekeeper put 3 seconds back on the clock; gave the ball to the Soviets; who scored a basket, and the new final score was 51-50. The Soviets were declared the winners even though they cheated--Team USA refused their Silver Medals and walked off the stage in disgust.

Last night, I and over 100 Republicans walked out of the House because of the illegal vote giving illegals Federal benefits that only American citizens and lawful immigrants deserve. Both the Soviet Basketball Team and those that want illegals to receive taxpayer benefits will do just anything to win--by any means necessary, whether legal or not.

In both cases, Americans were not defeated, but cheated.

And that's just the way it is.