Mr. Speaker, there is a new immigration law in effect, and even Federal judges refused to stop it.

   On November 1 it became a felony to knowingly harbor and hide illegals. It is against the law to give illegals driver's licenses or give them public benefits. Local police may now hold illegals they arrest for felonies and detain them for Federal deportation. And employers must use the new Federal verification system to determine legal status of workers.

   This, unfortunately, is not a new Federal law, but one passed recently by the Sooner State: Oklahoma. Apparently, Okies are frustrated with too few results from Federal enforcement folk so they passed their own State law on immigration.

   And good for them. Hopefully, other States will follow.

   Of course, noncitizen groups and the "give America away" crowd sued Oklahoma in Federal court. And they lost. Early results of the law indicate illegals are leaving Oklahoma, some even going back to their own country, as it ought to be. They are getting the message: come to America the legal way or don't come at all.

   And that's just the way it is.