Mr. Speaker, government agencies have been keeping track of Americans' whereabouts by amassing databases of millions of our license plates by using license plate scanners. The information captures data on movements of innocent American citizens going about their daily lives.

Unbeknown to Americans, government technology records our movement from the time we get in our car in the morning to every place we stop during the day, to the time we drive home. Plus, this data can be stored indefinitely.

This reminds me of the days when I was in the Soviet Union and saw how government spied on its citizens constantly. Do we really want a government to have the authority to record us anywhere we go during the day or during the night?

When you go to work, to lunch, to the barber shop, to the airport, to the movies, to the post office, to the banker, to the shopping center, to the car repair shop, to business meetings, to vacations, the parks, to the pool, to grandma's house, to church, to the grocery, to a friend's house, to the hospital, et cetera?

We know by recent experience, abusive government cannot be trusted with dragnet information data files it collects on Americans.

To me, freedom includes government not keeping personal daily logs on individuals and their activities. None of these activities are the government's business.

The Right of Privacy and the Right to be Left Alone include the right to keep snooping government surveillance out of our lives.

And that's just the way it is.