Mr. Speaker, Carlos Granados had a bad temper and a bad attitude toward women. This violent predator that had assaulted at least two prior girlfriends moved in with Katherine Jiminez and her 3-year-old son, Anthony, in 1998.

He continued his demonic trait of abuse and began beating her up. She ordered him to leave. Carlos exploded. He attacked her, stabbing her over 30 times, slit her throat, and killed the baby she was pregnant with. The last words Katherine heard her 3-year-old son, Anthony, scream in horror were, ``Don't kill me. I don't want to die. Don't kill me.'' Carlos stabbed Anthony in the heart. Katherine lay helplessly in a pool of her own blood for over a day until she was rescued, but she survived.

On Wednesday, the State of Texas put Carlos Granados in the ground. He was executed for his crimes against women and children.

Katherine's story is not a rare occurrence in the United States. One in four women will become victims of domestic violence in their lifetimes; their children will be likely victims as well.

Love never comes with black eyes, bruises and battery. My grandmother used to tell me, ``You never hurt someone you claim to love.'' Wise words then, and the law now.

And that's just the way it is.