WASHINGTON, November 18 -


Mr. Speaker, from Bubba in southeast Texas to the Pope, no one is off limits to the surveillance of the National Spy Agency, NSA. Americans are fighting the Soviet-style surveillance by filing thousands of open records requests on the NSA. Citizens want to know if the ``snoop and spy'' agency has monitored their emails, phones, computers, and location devices. Rather than transparency, the citizens have received just a form letter with no answer to their questions, all because it is a spy secret.

Citizen Joel writes, ``I should have the right to know if I am under surveillance.''

Courts should put a stop to the NSA Soviet-style surveillance and grant injunctions and open records requests.

The NSA is addicted to spying and snooping. It has no authority under the PATRIOT Act nor the Constitution to impose domestic dragnet surveillance on citizens. This is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

NSA acts like the people are the enemy of the state. However, this NSA activity is the enemy of personal privacy in the United States.

And that's just the way it is.