Mr. Speaker, as the war against international terrorism continues in Iraq and Afghanistan, I bring you news from the third front, the U.S.-Mexico border, the real inconvenient truth. Recently, the U.S. consular office in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico, closed indefinitely. U.S. officials are barred from the area. The reason, because there are kidnappings and murders and Old West-style shoot-outs in the streets, all on account of violent drug lords fighting over turf on the poorest border.

The United States is not doing enough to stop the international drug cartels and the human smugglers. The greatest Nation on Earth is failing the American people by not adequately protecting the border. Drugs and people are going north, and money and guns are going south. The border has become a war zone that affects good people on both sides of the border. We're sitting on a powder keg that we ignore at our own peril. While we have troops overseas to protect the borders of foreign countries, we should be just as concerned about our own sovereign border.

And that's just the way it is.