Mr. Speaker, when it comes to U.S. immigration policy, who is really in charge? Is it Mexico City or Washington, D.C.?

On almost a daily basis, Mexican officials seem to interfere with the immigration matters and U.S. laws. Mexican officials on both sides of the border are righteously indignant about American policies pertaining to the security of our border. Many American officials are oblivious to the problem as well. There is a continuous moaning and groaning rhetoric complaining we should not prevent illegals from entering the sovereign United States.

I want to make it clear again that I fully support immigration, legal immigration. It is not fair to America, nor is it fair to those who are trying to enter our country lawfully that every year thousands of people enter our country illegally. We must stop sending the wrong message to the world that we will wink at illegal immigration. It appears to me that the leaders of Mexico give lip service to our immigration and border security laws. Mexico must stop encouraging illegal entry to the United States and the disrespect for the dignity and sovereignty of this country. So I ask, When it comes to U.S. immigration policy, who is in charge? Is it Mexico City or is it Washington, D.C.?

Let me give you some examples. I will start with our open borders. You know, our government does not acknowledge the term open borders or porous borders, but that is exactly what we have. I have recently visited the United States-Mexico border and witnessed firsthand the lax security in place there. It takes very little effort for illegals to cross or hire someone to cross them into the United States and enter this country illegally.

Some estimate that 5,000 people a day cross illegally into our country. Some of them even do it with the help of the Mexican Government. The Foreign Ministry of Mexico distributes a pamphlet called ``Guide to Crossing the Border.'' I have shown this on the floor before. It is produced in English and Spanish, and it is essentially a book of sneaking into the United States. The Mexican consulates encourage this illegal conduct as well. Their purpose is not to help their citizens break American law, but that is what occurs. Passing out these guides is a disgrace to our laws and encourages illegal behavior. This lone act of a document showing people illegally how to come into the United States is a disrespect for America's borders and encourages the daily invasion of illegals into the United States.

So once again I will ask the question, When it comes to United States immigration policy, who is in charge? Mexico City or Washington, D.C.?

Consulates also hand out matricula consular cards which illegals use for identification purposes. This card resembles a driver's license and has become widely accepted as a form of identification to get services at U.S. banks, car dealerships, and American insurance companies. Even in some States they are allowing individuals to purchase or get a driver's license based on this document. The consulate issues these cards to people who are illegally in the United States. This is an absurd policy because these people are in our country illegally, yet we are helping them set up a residence in our country.

The Mexican Government has heavily lobbied the Federal Government of the United States to use these cards as identification cards, but so far the Federal Government does not do so. So Mexican consulates are going to local communities and local governments and trying to get them to accept this document. And some do, unfortunately.

This is just one more example of blatant disrespect for American law, yet we do nothing about it. We give illegals and the Mexican Government another pass. When it comes to the United States immigration policy, who is in charge? Is it Mexico City or Washington, D.C.? The answer is becoming more and more blurred.

Let me give you another serious example. In Los Angeles during the past year, the Mexican Government has provided over 100,000 Mexican text books to 1,500 schools. In fact, according to a recent Houston Chronicle editorial written by Heather McDonald, the sixth-grade Mexican history book celebrates the Mexican troops who fought against Americans during the Mexican-American War. The book refers to the enemy flag as the flag of the United States and says that the war's consequences were disastrous for Mexico.

So is this what we are going to teach American school children? Has political correctness gone so far that we now refer to Old Glory as the enemy flag? And why do we allow the Mexican Government to inundate our kids with Mexican text books anyway? This is very disturbing. The Mexican Government should spend more time enforcing their own rule of law and fighting corruption in Mexico and less time undermining our rule of law. Mexico has many advantages and natural resources. Perhaps they should take advantage of these to improve their own country so residents will quit leaving. They need to address their problems at home instead of sending them north to us.

Mr. Speaker, the lawlessness of the border will promote more lawlessness. We welcome people who want to make a better life for themselves and come to America for the American Dream, but they must do so legally. Our government cannot afford to continue to ignore the invasion from the south of our borders. The Mexican-American War started because Mexicans did not recognize the Texas-Mexico border at the time. They ignored the treaty that their dictator, Santa Anna signed, and they invaded the United States in 1846.

Sound familiar? It seems to me that a second attempt at invasion and colonization has already begun. Is Mexico trying to retake the Southwest? It is said that Caesar fiddled while Rome burned. I ask, Is Washington fiddling while the border burns with the lawlessness of an illegal invasion? Who is in charge of the U.S. immigration policy? Washington, D.C. or Mexico City? Only history will reveal the answers to that.

That is just the way it is.