Mr. Speaker, they say the economy is going into the abyss because government doesn't spend enough money.

Even though the stimulus packages of last year didn't work and the billions to bail out the elite robber baron banks hasn't been effective, the government solution is ``Let's spend more money,'' like $850 billion. That's almost a trillion dollars. A trillion dollars stacked up in $20 bills is 3,000 miles high. That's the distance from D.C. to Peru. All this money will be forcibly taken away from taxpayers.

This bill gives earmarks to special interest groups like millions of dollars for the National Endowment of the Arts, millions for fancy cars for government bureaucrats.

Why not do this: Don't spend taxpayer money! Don't go into debt with China. Cut taxes for everybody that pays taxes, and let Americans decide how to spend their money and not our greedy, big bloated brother, the government.

Government cannot tax, borrow, and spend our way into prosperity. It has never happened. This bill isn't economic stimulus. It's old fashioned squeaky piglet, pork barrel politics that will poison the pocketbook of every American.

And that's just the way it is.