Madam Speaker, the Humble ISD board of trustees will say farewell to a dedicated public servant on May 13, 2008 when my friend Mrs. Lynn Fields retires after serving 14 years as a board member.

I met Lynn when she was a reporter for the Baytown Sun back in the 1980s and I was a Texas Judge. Since those days, Lynn Fields has served as the voice of a mother and community volunteer on the Humble ISD school board who always looked out for the best interests of our children. She faithfully carried the torch of public service passed to her from her father-in-law, Jack Fields Sr., who previously served the district as board member for 21 years.

Over the years, she worked hard at improving services for students in both educational and social areas. She initiated the district's pursuit of a Spanish immersion program at two Humble elementary schools. She led the district with efforts to reduce alcohol and drug use among children with programs such as ``Common Ground,'' which resulted in increased awareness of the dangers of binge drinking and the importance of students' making responsible decisions in social situations.

Many of her friends and colleagues have spoken kind words in describing her dedication to public service. "Lynn's heart is as big as the state of Texas," said Dave Martin, President of the Humble ISD Board of Trustees. "We could always count on Lynn's guidance to lead us down the direction and path that put the morality and ethical issues of our students first."

Lynn Fields and Humble ISD Superintendent, Dr. Guy Sconzo, have hosted a monthly cable access show called "Your Schools," which spotlights people and programs within the district. She received the School Bell Award for outstanding media coverage of educational news for the program by the Texas Retired Teachers Association.

"Lynn is frankly just one of the kindest, most caring servant leaders I have ever met," said Dr. Sconzo about working with Lynn. "Through literally every very difficult budget development crisis and challenging growth issues that face our district, Lynn always kept the discussion focused on what's best for children."

Lynn Fields has also experienced many wonderful personal moments in her 14-year tenure as school board member including the opportunity to hand two of her children their high school diplomas at their graduation. She also watched with pride when the board of trustees named an elementary school after her late father-in-law Jack Fields Sr.

In addition to her efforts in the school district, she is also an active community leader in several organizations. Lynn is a member of Humble Area First Baptist Church. She is a Light Keeper member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and serves as MADD Southeast Texas Regional Council Chair. She has been a long-time advocate for women and children. Lynn started the Bay Area Women's Center in Baytown in 1981. With the help of her husband, former Congressman Jack Fields, they raised funds to help open "The Door," a shelter for battered women in the Humble area.

Jack Fields has been a long-time friend of mine, and he is extremely proud of Lynn's accomplishments as well. "My wife has given of herself, unselfishly, for the students of our area," he said. "She has led in the areas of character, alcohol and drug education, and Spanish immersion for those students wishing to become bilingual. She is an outstanding woman, mother and wife. Our area and my family are benefited by her years of service. She is the model for those who serve in their communities. I could not be more proud of her. I am honored to be her husband. I love her very much."

It is an honor today to recognize the great contributions that Lynn Fields has made to Humble ISD and the community. Madam Speaker, we thank Lynn, for her years of service, principled leadership and dedication to our children. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

And that's just the way it is.