Mr. Speaker, last week was International Women's Day to proclaim human rights for all women. Obviously, Saudi Arabia didn't get the memo. In the name of religion, theofficial Muslim religious police arrested a 75-year-old woman for accepting bread from two young men. The crime: She had the arrogance to be with males who were not blood kin.

To the religious police in Saudi Arabia, her behavior cannot be tolerated. So the 75-year-old woman was hauled off to court, and a judge ordered her to receive, get this, 40 lashes and 4 months in jail with deportation to follow. And the two boys who were kind to her by giving her bread: lashes and prison for them too.

The official Muslim religious police are feared by women in Saudi Arabia because they enter homes to enforce dress codes, prayer times, and segregation of the sexes. Flogging women in the name of religion for accepting bread from young men seems to be anti-social action and contrary to basic human rights.

So much for the idea of helping the widows and the orphans. Maybe next year grandmas in Saudi Arabia can celebrate International Women's Day without being flogged by their government.

And that's just the way it is.