Mr. Speaker, Suzanne thought that Jason was the perfect boyfriend. He was protective, loving, and attentive.

But after he moved in with Suzanne, she noticed his darker side. He became obsessive, jealous, and enraged.

He began shoving and striking her. Once, he pushed her so hard her head smashed against the wall.

Fed up with his excuses, she made him leave, but her safety was short lived. One night as Suzanne returned home with friends, Jason ambushed her and forced her into the house at knifepoint.

Horrified, her friends ran into the street to flag down the police. Despite Suzanne’s pleas, Jason stomped on her face and neck until she was unconscious.

Then she later woke up to find him pouring boiling water over her body. About that time, the police broke in and saved her life.

Mr. Speaker, this month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence is a health issue, and it is also a criminal matter. As my grandmother used to say: ‘‘You never hurt somebody you claim you love.’’

And that is just the way it is.