Serving the people of Texas’ Second Congressional District is my top priority. Each day, I work to represent my constituents in the best way possible and this includes helping you gain better access to and information from federal government agencies. My office offers “casework” services to help you cut through the bureaucratic red tape in order to thoroughly address your concerns. My staff and I will do all that we can to ensure that you receive fair treatment from federal government agencies while you resolve your concern. However, as a Member of Congress I am not authorized to ask a federal agency to perform any action that is not permitted under current law or regulation. I am also not allowed to request a certain outcome for a case or investigate the actions of federal agencies who assist my constituents.


  • What Congressional District do I live in? - In order for my office to assist you, you currently must be a resident of Texas’ Second Congressional District. If you are not a current resident of the Second District, I cannot make any inquiries to a federal government agency on your behalf. Your respective Member of Congress will be able to offer you the same type of casework assistance that my office provides. To determine which Congressional District you live in, please click here.
  • Does my problem involve a federal agency? – As a Member of Congress, I am able to help my constituents inquire into and address certain difficulties that involve federal government agencies. Please know that if your concern involves a dispute with a private company, judicial matter (or lawsuit), criminal charge, state agency, or local government, I am unable to provide assistance. Click here for more information about which matters I can and cannot assist you.
  • Opening casework, The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits federal agencies from releasing your information to congressional offices without your written consent in a Privacy Authorization Form. Please complete this privacy form and return it to one of my District Offices for assistance. Without this form, my office is prohibited from looking into your concerns.

Information and Resources from Federal Agencies: On this website, you may be able to find a quick answer to your question without having to go through the process of requesting assistance from my office. I encourage you to look through the information Federal Resources Section, which includes answers for some of the most common federal issues faced by my constituents.