Mr. Speaker, this summer will mark the end of Gary Broz’s tenure as city manager of Liberty, Texas. Gary has been a valuable asset for the city of Liberty since he took over as city manager in 2009. 


He revamped the city’s infrastructure by authorizing the reconstruction of the city electrical grid and the replacement of the decades-old sewage plant and pipes system. He is responsible for the new, modern police station, upgraded parking meters, and the city’s new municipal golf course and country club.


Above all, his leadership and poise helped the city navigate the challenges brought by Hurricanes Rita, Ike, and Harvey, as well as additional floods. The city’s levy withstood Hurricane Harvey last fall, preventing millions of dollars of damage to the city and requiring only minimal repairs afterwards.


When Gary leaves his post in June, he will leave the city of Liberty better than he found it. The city’s financial situation is promising, with deep reserves and a new fixed asset fund set aside for the purchase of new equipment. 


Liberty is also more recognizable as a city than it was in 2009 and has a stronger sense of community. Gary’s idea of a retirement? Taking on a new role as the city manager of Eagle Lake. 


Not that this comes as too much of a surprise, since hard work has always been a staple of Gary’s life. From working the Houston Rodeo to pay his way through college and his experience working as a farmer and rancher to his decades- long career in city governments across Texas, Gary has always met challenges in life head- on, leaning on an indefatigable work ethic and the uncanny ability to get even the toughest job done.


In his new post, Gary will be able to spend more time with his wife, Georgia, whom he married 39 years ago, as his office will only be a brief fifteen minutes away from his house in Columbus. 


Mr. Speaker, it is individuals like Gary whose hard work done on behalf of our communities makes our country great.


And that is just the way it is.