Mr. Speaker, we are not talking about terrorism. We are talking about the protection of Americans and their information.

All of the rhetoric and the fear tactics that this will destroy our ability to go after terrorists is wrong. The USA RIGHTS Act is important to protect Americans.

The other side talks about protecting Americans. Let’s protect their Fourth Amendment rights.

We can protect them against terrorists if we amend this legislation with the USA RIGHTS Act and protect their rights under the Fourth Amendment. Every American’s data is being seized by the Justice Department, the CIA, and the NSA.

We have asked them how many times that has been queried. They will not tell us because the information is massive.

All we are saying under the USA RIGHTS Act is that, if you want to go into that information on Americans, get a warrant from a judge, not a query. You can’t go search it.

Get a warrant under the Fourth Amendment or stay out of that information and still go after terrorists under 702 and under FISA. We need to have this amendment to make the bill better to protect Americans overseas and at home. 

And that is just the way it is.