Tonight President Obama left Americans with a case of deja vu, delivering a speech filled with recycled promises and no plan to achieve them. He called for a "year of action", threatening to unilaterally drive through his agenda with or without the support of Congress. This is America, not Burger King. The President can't always have it his way.

This speech was heavy on rhetoric and far from reality. The President touted that more Americans have coverage thanks to Obamacare, but failed to mention the millions who have lost the plans he promised they could keep. He promised to take the fight to terrorists in the Middle East and North Africa yet failed to mention the terrorist attacks that took the lives of Americans in Algeria and Benghazi or what, if anything, he is doing to bring Justice to the killers. He touted an increase in energy production, yet failed to mention that production is higher with no thanks to the government. He claimed to support an all of the above energy strategy yet failed to explain why he still has not approved the shovel ready Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Americans are ready for a year of action, not another year of broken Washington promises. It is time for this President to reach out, not shut out Congress.