Mr. Speaker, they are from every State and territory. They are of all races, both sexes. They are from farms, ranches, and cities. They are rich and poor, but generally they are young. They all to a person are volunteers, the all-American volunteers, volunteers to defend America. Some have gone off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have returned. Some have returned with the wounds of war, and some have returned with an American flag draped over their coffin.

Here are 37 warriors from the Second Congressional District in Texas who died protecting us from the forces of evil in Afghanistan and Iraq. You see they are very diverse. They are all races, they are young, they are old, they are from privates to colonels, enlisted to even West Point graduates, they are from different branches of the service.

So this Memorial Day we remember them all, those who gave all, and we thank their families for giving America their sons and their daughters, for the worst casualty of war is to be forgotten.

And that's just the way it is.

Mr. Speaker, I submit for the Record the list of the 37 warriors killed in Afghanistan and Iraq from the Second Congressional District of Texas.

  SSgt Russell Slay, U.S. Marine Corps, 11/9/2004.

 LCpl Wesley J. Canning, U.S. Marine Corps, 11/10/2004.

 LCpl Fred Lee Michael, U.S. Marine Corps, 1/26/2005.

 PFC Wesley R. Riggs, U.S. Army, 5/17/2005.

 SGT William B. Meeuwsen, U.S. Army, 11/23/2005.

 LCpl Robert A. Martinez, U.S. Marine Corps, 12/1/2005.

 SSG Jerry Michael Durbin, U.S. Army, 1/26/2006.

 TSgt Walter M. Moss Jr., U.S. Air Force, 3/30/2006.

 PFC Kristian Menchaca, U.S. Army, 6/16/2006.

 SSG Benjamin D. Williams, U.S. Army, 6/20/2006.

 LCpl Ryan A. Miller, U.S. Marine Corps, 9/14/2006.

 SSG Edward Reynolds, Jr., U.S. Army, 9/26/2006.

 CPT Michael Fraser, U.S. Army, 11/26/2006.

 LCpl Luke Yepsen, U.S. Marine Corps, 12/14/2006.

 SPC Dustin R. Donica, U.S. Army, 12/28/2006.

 SPC Ryan R. Berg, U.S. Army, 1/9/2007.

 SSG Terrance D. Dunn, U.S. Army, 2/2/2007.

 LCpl Anthony Aguirre, U.S. Marine Corps, 2/26/2007.

 PFC Brandon Bobb, U.S. Army, 7/17/2007.

 PFC Zachary Endsley, U.S. Army, 7/23/2007.

 SPC Kamisha Block, U.S. Army, 8/16/2007.

 CPL Donald E. Valentine III, U.S. Army, 9/18/2007.

 LCpl Jeremy W. Burris, U.S. Marine Corps, 10/8/2007.

 SSG Eric Duckworth, U.S. Army, 10/10/2007.

 CPL Scott A. McIntosh, U.S. Army, 3/10/2008.

 SGT Shawn Tousha, U.S. Army, 4/9/2008.

 Lt. Col. Mark Stratton II, U.S. Air Force, 5/26/2009.

 SPC Jarrett Griemel, U.S. Army, 6/3/2009.

 Cpl Jeffrey W. Johnson, U.S. Marine Corps, 5/11/2010.

 P03 Zarian Wood, U.S. Navy, 5/16/2010.

 Sgt. Brandon Bury, U.S. Marine Corps, 6/6/2010.

 SPC Matthew Ryan Catlett, U.S. Army, 6/7/2010.

 SSG Edward Loredo, U.S. Army, 6/24/2010.

 SSG Jesse Ainsworth, U.S. Army, 7/10/2010.

 SSG Leston "Tony" Winters, U.S. Army, 7/15/2010.

 SFC Calvin Harrison, U.S. Army, 9/20/2010.

 PFC Cody R. Norris, U.S. Army, 11/9/2011.