Mr. Speaker, our House Champlain, Father Daniel Coughlin, is retiring from his duties after 11 years of serving the United States House of Representatives.

Since our forefathers established this tradition in Congress in 1789, the House Chaplain has provided spiritual guidance, hope, and heavenly blessings through prayer every day.

Each new day, Father Coughlin enters the house Chamber with his happy Irish spirit and a twinkle in his eyes, and prays to the Almighty so that Members will walk humbly and wise in the Lords sight. Father Coughlin has been here during the troubling days of 9/11, during good times, and times that arent so good.

Father Coughlin, from Chicago, has been ordained for 50 years, and has found time to be an angel to the poor in Calcutta, India, where he lived with members of Mother Teresas community. Over the years, this House has needed Father Coughlins guidance, for, after all, you have to be in good with the Lord to pray for politicians every day.

My prayer for Father Coughlin is that he continues to be a blessing to our Nation and to the people he encounters who need spiritual help and as he often says when ending his prayers both now and forever.

And thats just the way it is.