Staff Directory

Washington, DC Office:

(202) 225-6565:

Gina Santucci – Chief of Staff

Tim Tarpley – Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Director

Shaylyn Hynes – Communications Director

Luke Murry – Staff Director, Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade Subcommittee

Blair Bjellos – Senior Legislative Assistant and Victims’ Rights Caucus Coordinator

Michael Edwards – Legislative Assistant

Jessica Carlton – Executive Assistant 

Karina Erickson  Deputy Press Secretary

Texas Offices:

(281) 446-0242:

Kim Brode - Director of Community Relations

Heather Ramsey-Cook - Director of Public Affairs 

Amy Harrison - Caseworker

Tonia Horn - Staff Assistant 

Marlene MoulderMilitary Affairs Liaison and Military Academies’ Director